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We are super excited that you have decided to join Southside Booty Camp!

There are a few important details you should know for your first day of camp below. Also it is very important that you fill out the fitness form below so that we know a bit more about you. Please take a minute to do this right now!

For the first day of camp please arrive 10 minutes early so you can get some basic instructions on our setup for camp and meet your trainer. Remember we have camp rain or shine!

In the event that snow or icy road conditions might cause a class cancellation, the office phone outgoing message will reflect this by 5 am. Please note it is our policy that we do not give credit for snow day cancellations. In the past 4 years there have been 5 snow day cancellations and over 80 free workout days, special events, and socials offered!


  • A yoga mat
  • 5 lb weights – Regular shaped rubber coated hand weights with two even round ends are preferred.
  • Exercise Tubing/Band – Green/blue/or medium strength – online or at Target/Big 5/Fred Meyer’s, Tube Style with SOFT non metal handles preferable. Click here for a good online location for bands.
  • Water bottle
  • Cross trainer/running shoes
  • A headlamp for the early classes
  • Dress in layers!!

It is good to eat something in the morning before camp about 30-45 minutes before the workout. It shouldn’t be a full breakfast but something to get your metabolism going and give you energy to power through camp. Whole grain toast and nut butter is a good option. Also be sure to eat a full meal right after the workout and you will want to make it a priority to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Try to bring your water bottle with you everywhere you go!

Southside Booty Camp’s online calendar will help you keep track of all the session dates and break weeks and you can download it on to your home calendar.

If you’re a Facebook user, please join the Facebook Fan page. Also, visit our blog here to get our ongoing articles, tips, etc on lifestyle fitness and updates on community events.

SEWARD PARK, CAMP TIMES at 6:00am or 7:30am with Trainer Jessica

Meet Jessica at our location in the middle of Seward Park up on the hilltop.  To get there, enter the park and go around the big traffic circle to the left and then go up the driveway that goes up the hill on the right.  Go up the hill and take the first right into the first parking lot and park.  We will meet at Jessica’s car (a silver VW Golf with a 98118 bumper sticker) in the parking lot.

Note that for winter we are located at Mount Baker Community Club.

See you there! xoxo


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