The Moves


Here are 4 workout ideas for break week or for when you are on vacation and want to take us with you!

With all the workouts start with a 5-10 minute brisk walk or jog to get your body warmed up and ready to go.
Then mobilize your joints with some dynamic (moving) stretching like we do in class.
When you begin the  workout remember to belly breath as much as possible, and strive for maintaining good form over
completing the right number of repetitions or time, and stay hydrated.  When you are finished the main work set
take 5 minutes or so to stretch out the muscle groups that you have worked.  Have fun ~ even try putting a smile on your face when
it starts to feel hard, and whenever possible get a buddy to join you, that always makes it more fun.

There is a core workout, a lower and upper body workout. You can always take a piece of each of those
workouts and combine them together for a more full body session.


You will need a watch for this one, or if you are doing it inside a wall clock with a second hand works well.
using a 30-45 second interval with 10- 15 seconds to rest/transition to the next exercise.

Round 1.
Forearm plank hold – press through your whole forearm, and draw your shoulder blades down your back
Side plank hold –   lift  your top hip up, and try to keep your your body in one long line
Bridge  –  engage your core before you lift up, and press through your heels to make sure you are using your glut muscles
Superman –   keeping your core engaged, lift your legs and arms up and down for a count of 5.

In between rounds 1 and 2 and  then 2 and 3 take a run and or do 1-2 minutes of the cardio move of you choice
(jacks, mountain climbers, skipping etc)

Round 2 – same exercises or if you want to increase the challenge add the following modifications
Plank- try body saws, hinging you body forward and back
Side Plank – lift your hips up and down
Bridge – lift your body up and down, with spine straight (no curling)
Superman – lengthen your lift to a 10 second hold

Round 3 – continue where you are or modify further
Plank – while holding plank, alternate lifting you legs out to the side
Side plank – lift top arm and leg up . Now try going up and down…!
Bridge – hold bridge and march your legs by extending your lower leg out till it is level with your thigh
Sea turtles – as you lift up through your spine, sweep your arms back by your sides and spread your legs out to the sides


Tabata is a pretty quick way to fit in a workout and get your metabolism fired up for the rest of the day.
You will need a watch or a wall clock for this one, using the 20 ‘on’ and 10 seconds rest timing for a total of 4 minutes.
if you have any physical restrictions feel free to substitute another cardio exercise of your choice
Between rounds take 2 minutes of rest (or more if you need it) and drink some water

Round 1
Jacks ( plyo jacks will increase the intensity)
butt kicks (jog in place but kick your heels up high behind you.

round 2
Mountain climbers
jump squats or quick pulse squats

Round 3
Skipping (if you don’t have a jump rope pretend..!)
Punches  stay active on your feet as you punch out in front about shoulder or eye level.


This is a ascending/descending ladder. Do each of the exercises below 5X, then 10X then 15X, then 10X,  then 5X
in between rounds bring your heart rate up with 30 jacks, mountain climbers or punches or if you prefer take a 200 meter run.

DIPS (use a chair if you are doing this inside, or a bench outside)
LUNGES WITH BICEP CURL (step back into lunge, then bring same leg forward so that your knee is raised as you do a bicep curl)
LEG LOWERS (laying on your back with your legs raised, and knees bent with your feet up in the air, engage your core muscles, maintaining
your neutral lumbar curve, and slowly lower your heels to the ground.  This can be done with straight legs, but make sure you are not flattening you spine
into your mat)


Make sure you warm your legs up well for this one with some jacks, squats and around the world lunges (right leg lunges forward, to the side, back, then left leg lunges back, to the side and then forward) and get your core engaged by doing some balance work on each leg.

Standing with your legs hip width apart, wrap your band around your knees or ankles (the lower the more challenging).
Bend your knees and take 10 steps to the right, keeping your upper body steady over your pelvis as you walk.
10 squats  pressing your knees out into the resistance of the band to feel the engagement of you hip muscles.
keep your knees bent and take 10 steps back to the left.
Repeat this sequence 3x resting if you need to in between sets, take a jog after 3 rounds or do 2-3 minutes of cardio moves of your choice.

Alternate between sets 2 and 3 3x, resting as needed between rounds

10 lunges per leg.  For extra challenge add arm weights with a bicep curl or fly as you lunge.
jog backwards to where you started, 10 push ups (or burpies if you are looking for extra challenge!)

15 jump squats (regular, low squats are fine if you don’t jump)
15 bodyweight squats   (pulse in the lower range of the squat if you did regular squats the first time
Low squat hold   30 seconds, keep chest lifted and try not to put your hands on your thighs


This is a great way to break into running more if you typically walk or gain speed if you already a runner.

1.Alternate between 2 minutes of  brisk walking or easy running and 1 minute of jogging or moderate intensity running
(Repeat 5 times)

2.Alternate 30 seconds of walking or jogging with 30 seconds of jogging or high intensity running.
(repeat 3 -5 times)

Repeat 2 minute/1 minute interval 3- 5 times finishing with an easy effort to bring your heart rate back down.

-Contributed by Trainer Stephanie Levine