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Working it out with Camper Lisa!

Today we are featuring the incomparable Lisa Beaulaurier in our who’s who camper profiles.  “Because a day without floor sliders is a day without sunshine.”  That’s probably my favorite quote from Lisa B. If you’ve been at camp with her for 10 sessions or 10 minutes you know what I’m talking about.  Smart, hilarious and sometimes irreverent Lisa puts the friendly sass into camp.  She also keeps it real and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.  Lookin’ lively nearly everyday and sporting her 8 lbs. weights, Lisa brings both grit and levity to camp and shows us all how to keep on keepin’ on.

Now that you know all that, it won’t surprise you that Lisa spends most of her time working with the movement that brought you the weekend.  Yes that’s right Lisa is a Lead Union Organizer at SEIU local 925. What is she working on these days? Lisa organizes family child care providers and center staff working hard to make sure we have strong services especially for low-income children.  Look below for how YOU can take action today to support a powerful and progressive labor movement.

Here’s some fun facts and some tips from Lisa about how to rock camp:

How long have you been at camp? 

Lisa JUST celebrated her 5-year anniversary with Booty Camp this month!!

Why do you come to camp?

I love my class, the other women in the class, it’s a very welcoming place.”

How has Booty Camp impacted your life?

I work a lot of hours, I work late in the evenings, and morning is the only time I have.  Booty Camp keeps me connected to doing things that keep me healthy.

What’s one Camp exercise you would actually do on my own?

“Can’t think of one. That’s why I come to camp!”

What’s one Camp exercise you would never do on my own?

“Who likes the burpees??”

What’s your secret to making it to camp?

“Make it a habit. I don’t think about it. I just set my alarm for 6:45 everyday. I just get up and do it. And I’m always happy I got there.”

Favorite jam to listen to while driving to or from Booty Camp?

NPR – The Stephanie Miller show.

Booty Camp =

“Physical and Mental Health”

Take Action:

Lisa asks us to call our senators and tell them this:

“Close tax loopholes and fund early learning and education.”

Lisa says if we could just make that call, “that would be huge.”  Sounds hard? Here’s a quick and easy way: Call  1-800-562-6000.  It’s the legislative switchboard.  You give them your message and your address and they will route it to your legislators.  Easy-peasy.  I just made the call and the whole thing took under 2 minutes.

Thanks for being super awesome Lisa and keeping it real!  See you at camp!


-Contributed by Beck Tilsen