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Why “News and Goods”?

Our Camp Tradition: News and Goods

Every Thursday after a tough and terrific roving day in the park we circle up.  Sweaty campers with cheeks flushed all share a “New and Good”.

Why do we do a “New and Good”?  SSBC is about so much more than getting a bangin’ workout.  It’s about bringing more power, balance, energy and health to women individually and as a community.  When we circle up we:

  • Take a moment to connect with the collective group of powerful women
  • Share a bit about lives beyond the mornings of mats, weighs, and circuit sprints
  • Pause to reflect on something going well in our lives

But wait!  What is a “New and Good”??

Great question! A “New and Good” is a bit of news about you that is BOTH new AND good.  It doesn’t have to be big news, it can be a small moment.  A New and Good can be:

  • A pleasant moment that you recently experienced like a beautiful walk, a visit with a friend or family member or a recent adventure.
  • A recent accomplishment from your life or from Booty Camp (i.e. showing up for camp!)
  • Something fun coming up that you’re looking forward to
  • A *Brag* this is addition was contributed by our brilliant Seward Park Trainer Stephanie!  It’s so good (and uncomfortable!!!) for most women to get some practice bragging about ourselves!  Thank you Stephanie!

What if I don’t have one of these “News and Goods” to share??

Well first ,if you’re asking this question then I’m sorry you’ve had such a rough way these days!  L  The tendency to feel crummy is actually precisely WHY we do New and Goods in the first place.  This exercise is not about making anyone be falsely positive or forcibly upbeat.   We do News and Goods because it’s a practice to train our minds to notice even the smallest uplifting moment, something warm, gentle, sweet, loving or tender that happened to us that week.

Is it okay to share sad news during New and Goods?  Yes it is!  The goals of the circle is to building connection and community and hard times is part of keeping it real between us and not being isolated in grief or loss.   Sometimes sharing a sad or hard bit of news can open up our attention to notice something sweet or comforting inside of it.

For example, just a few weeks ago I shared that a lovely colleague of mine died suddenly.  As I shared this I found myself telling the group about the amazing experience of seeing how many people loved this person, fighting back tears I reflected how profound it was to get to know someone so much more deeply after they have left our world.   When I looked up others were crying with me. It was comforting to be with my workout women and get to feel the strength of our compassion and connection for each other.


-Contributed by Becka Tilsen