The Moves

Weekend Workout with Trainer Stephanie

This break week marks the transition to our outdoor locations so I thought I would create a simple workout that you could do outdoors.
The Seward Park and Capitol Hill neighbor hoods have many magic stair cases, and hills and all you will need for this workout is your bands,
a watch and a hill (about a block long should do) or a set of stairs at least 25 steps.

There is a great Seattle stair map resource here  if you want to grab some friends and explore more stair climbs!



Loop your bands around your waist and jog 5-10 mins to the base of the hill or stair case that you have chosen to do your workout at.
Continue by warming up your individual joints like we do in class with movements such as arms circles, leg swings, ankle rotations.

For this workout you will do some strengtheners and then a cardio segment, and repeat this sequence 2-4 times depending on how much time you have available and how hard you want to work out. It can be a quick blast, or quite a test of endurance – your choice.


12 Squats with overhead press – loop the band under your feet and hold onto the handles, as you stand up from the squat raise your arms over head

12 Rows – find a street sign or railing and loop the bands around. Standing with bent knees,  lean your upper body forward with a flat back . As you pull on the handles of the bands draw your shoulder blades together as you draw your elbows back. Release slowly so you get the work in both directions

12 Push ups or chest presses-   If you are at a set of stairs and are comfortable putting your hands on the stairs do push ups. If not,  stand between your bands (still looped around the pole) facing away from the pole with one foot in front of another. Press the handles forward and up, return slowly with control


Walk, jog or run up the hill or stairs (you are trying to get your heart rate up here)
and then walk back down.  repeat for 5- 10 minutes depending on how much time you have and how hard you want to workout.


Jog or walk back home or where you started from and stretch using a bench or your mat
include stretches for the fronts and backs of your legs as well as hips and chest.


Trainer Stephanie