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We have some powerful women in Booty Camp!

Nutrition class was great last week and not just because I got to share with my Booty Campers what has worked for me nutrition-wise (look for upcoming blog entries for some guidelines and ideas for nutrition and weight loss).

I got to see everyone dressed in their civvies, hair down, makeup on, etc…. and hear some of the stories from the lives of a few of the participating women.

Sandy Cioffi, from the 8am class, is a documentary filmmaker and is currently working on a film (Sweet Crude) about the corrupt Nigerian oil industry and its devastating effects on the Niger Delta population and environment. Sandy said that her Booty Camp goal is to be able to arrive in Africa in April able to easily swing her heavy bags of camera gear around without getting tired or injured. Stay tuned to this as I hope to help make a screening in the southend happen when she gets back from her next trip.

Also from the 8am class is Karla Esquivel, owner of the truly fabulous Andaluz clothing and gift store in Columbia City which features great locally designed handicrafts.

And if you have a chance this Saturday evening (March 15), Shari Kaufman, from the 8am, will be showing her pottery work in a group show at the Columbia City Gallery from 5-8pm.

You gals rock (in and out of Booty Camp)!