Why Choose Booty Camp?

Booty Camp is a holistic fitness program that trains you to be functional fit! This means working full body movements for smart, coordinated and balanced functioning. We change it up on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to break thru inevitable adaptations. We mix resistance and cardio training in the great outdoors. The Booty Camp workouts can be adjusted for a range of fitness levels and every day is a new challenge, technique, game, and environment. You will see some traditional “boot camp” exercises – yes, there will be some push-ups! But there will also be many new exercises revamped for our unique ‘boot camp’ program from many fitness modalities such as pilates and core training, active stretching, plyometrics, body weight and balance training, and much more.

Like any good cardio workout Booty Camp will definitely burn calories…But it is much more than that, it will also:

  • Increase your lean muscle mass, ramping up your metabolism which creates dramatic improvement in your ability to burn fat. When you have more muscle your body burns more calories throughout the day even when you are resting. It will actually become easier to stay in great shape once you start gaining that muscle. And don’t worry, you won’t become the Incredible Hulk, but you WILL become more shapely, strong and toned, and of course, bootylicious!
  • Improve your posture, circulation, balance, and bone and ligament capacity. Strengthen and activate your muscles to prevent injuries long term.
  • Provide a group of women to share becoming fit and encourage each other to reach goals. Talk to your trainer about being matched with someone who lives nearby for possible carpooling, supporting each other in your new fitness routine, and maybe even working out together on non – Booty Camp days.
  • Grow your confidence in your body and your self-esteem to do everything else you love to do physically and otherwise without pain, injury, and more gusto/energy than ever before.
  • Provides you with nutritional support – whether you are what they call ‘skinny fat’ and want to grow muscle mass without losing body weight or if you are like the majority of us who need to burn fat and increase fat burning lean muscle mass to reach your optimal fitness.

Being healthy is about having the 3 cornerstones of proper nutrition, cardio and resistance fitness. ‘Diet’ should become a four letter word. Don’t ‘go on a diet’ – get a lifestyle change that can be maintained consistently over time. Fitness takes commitment and time, and going with only a severe diet plan that has you losing 10-20 pounds in one week is unhealthy and its bound to come back to haunt you. You might even lose muscle weight and gain fat even though you may lose weight overall temporarily. At Booty Camp we will work towards your lifestyle change in all 3 areas.

Who should be in Booty Camp?

Booty Camp is for any woman ready to commit to fitness as a lifestyle. Whether you are a couch potato truly ready to get more out of life or a seasoned athlete wanting to improve your game and prevent recurring injury Booty Camp will put you on the path to realizing that new lifestyle. It is also for every woman who wants the motivation of a daily practice with a group of women who have all decided to commit and support each other to push through the tough parts.

Why outdoor fitness?

Have you ever had the sensation of ‘tasting’ air.. like when you are on the beach and can feel and breath in the salty air? Being outside really refreshes and energizes, connects your spirit with mother nature, and reminds us of our bodies in relation to the air, soil and sea. We do Booty Camp outside because you will focus on your body more than with the machines and headphones in the gym. You will feel confident in your firsthand knowledge of your muscles and what they can and can’t do without the separation, stuffiness and scariness of the gym atmosphere. It may be that this is one of the few times you get outdoors in the week: it will push you in your workout and feed your relationship to our environment in general. And since there is no need for fancy equipment you will be empowered and inspired to get your workout in anywhere…in the mountains, on your back porch, on the beach, in Mongolia or in Spain.