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Signup for St. Paddy’s Day Dash!

Hey Booty Campers!

It is going to be the second St. Patrick’s Day Dash for yours truly and I thought it would be super if any of you would like to join me on March 15th and make it a new Booty Camp tradition!

If you sign up by February 17 it is $25.  We will be in the purple wave – so register with that wave on the site.  There is no special group registration – just sign up and we will make plans to meet there and start together (I will also organize some practice runs).  Here is the link to register:  http://www.stpatsdash.com

It is almost 2 months away so there is plenty of time to work up to it… so go for it, you can do it!

xo Jessica

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St. Patrick’s Day Dash!

stpatricksdash.jpgMy sister Sari and I ran the St. Patrick’s Day Dash this morning! It was a really great route – from Seattle Center we ran into the Hwy 99 Tunnel and on to the Alaska Way Viaduct – we ran on the viaduct all across the waterfront to Qwest Field – beautiful! There were reportedly 50,000 people – most dressed in green costume of course. It was 3.5 miles, not a long run but the first official “run” for both of us. I have never counted distance running as an interest of mine – as I was always busy with team sports… so this was exciting. I am hoping to convince her to do a triathlon with me next this summer.