Special Events

Booty Babes Snowshoe Expedition 2013

Booty Camp Founder Jessica Breznau and Trainer Melissa Madgsick lead a group of intrepid booty campers on a gorgeous showshoe up to Source Lake Basin.  It was a brilliant day!  About half the group braved their first snowshoe and several joined us again that came last year.  Check out the slideshow below.  Highlights:  A discussion about whether or not wine should be allowed on our first ever Booty Camp Restorative Retreat this May ; )  Also Melissa brought along the star of the parade – baby Grace and also her hubby Greg of Freggies – one of our co sponsors!


Special Events

The Snowshoe

We decided on Lower Gold Creek off the Hyak exit and wound up with a great day – no rain and with some very odd warm tropical gusts of wind! We had a small adventure.. when we arrived at a large pond.. a woman not in our group had sat down for lunch and when she tried to get back up somehow her skis wound up slipping out from under her and running out on to the middle of the pond. She was not interested in attempting anything to retrieve them but our intrepid campers suggested retrieving a canoe they had seen on the side of an empty chalet… we went back, the canoe was locked.. but did find a very long pole with a rake attached and a sled.. and with these the skis were retrieved!