Special Events

Booty Babes 5k Trail Run and Potluck at Carkeek Park!!!

This was our first Booty Babes 5k Run we organized on our own. SUPER fun.. instead of the hoopla, we did our usual potluck.. always fabulous food and good company.

Waxie Locations 089
12 Booty BABES
Waxie Locations 090
Foot Bridge Prom Shot
Waxie Locations 095
ilvs is the fastest human alive
Waxie Locations 097
Made It!
Waxie Locations 098
Victory is ours!
Waxie Locations 099
Joan and Ellen Keeping it Real
Waxie Locations 104
Such Good Eats!
Waxie Locations 100
Someone went to Columbia City Bakery....Naughty!

Special Events

10 Booty Campers in the Trek Triathlon

Congrats to all the Booty Campers who participated!

The triathlon is all about accomplishing a personal goal.. but I gotta brag a little… one of our two booty camp relay teams got 2nd place! And Ida from my 6:30 shaved off 10 min. of time from her Danskin race and came in 13th in her age group.. she credits the addition of the strength training she added this past month at Booty Camp!DSC04883

Here are some photos.. I hope to see more of you out next year. It was super inspiring and I think all of the women in the relay groups want to do a full one next time after this weekend’s experience. Congrats again to each of you for setting a goal and going for it!DSC04898DSCN2533DSC04925xDSC04881

Special Events

Signup for St. Paddy’s Day Dash!

Hey Booty Campers!

It is going to be the second St. Patrick’s Day Dash for yours truly and I thought it would be super if any of you would like to join me on March 15th and make it a new Booty Camp tradition!

If you sign up by February 17 it is $25.  We will be in the purple wave – so register with that wave on the site.  There is no special group registration – just sign up and we will make plans to meet there and start together (I will also organize some practice runs).  Here is the link to register:  http://www.stpatsdash.com

It is almost 2 months away so there is plenty of time to work up to it… so go for it, you can do it!

xo Jessica

Special Events

Southside Booty Babes on Parade 2008

Southside Booty Campers participated in the the local Rainier Valley Parade on Saturday August 18. It was super fun dancing in the streets with you all!