It is important that the first time you use the system you read and follow the step by step instructions below the policy reminders exactly.

 If you have any questions please contact Jessica directly here.  Note that there is a payment plan avail to pay ‘per session’ still if you can’t pay the full quarter all at once, but you still need to commit in advance for the full quarter when you register. 


The MINIMUM number of classes that we allow per session is 12.

This is to keep the sense of community and to maintain the ability of our trainers to progress and track campers.  We do not want random people coming to camp each day – this would be too challenging for the trainer and these group dynamics.   We currently have to options – 3 days per week (12 days), or Fulltimer (16 days) series.

Camp session days are not refundable after the session starts and camp days purchased for any one session EXPIRE at the end of that session :
In this way we are able to keep the per class cost low, ($12 for fulltimers and $14 for 12 days), keep our administrative overhead down, and also offer scholarships to those that need financial help, as well as the many free events we offer to the camp community year round. We MAY offer you some credit on a case by case basis in situations of serious family emergency or injury and illness lasting more than a week. We do not offer credit for changes in your work schedule, a sudden vacation, or the odd flu bug that we all get here and there. You must contact us in writing within two weeks of the first day of absence and before the start of the next session to be considered for a special circumstances credit (documentation may be required for cases of illness and injury). We tend to be rather generous perhaps to a fault! …but it is best for the overall business and our ability to offer scholarships and respond to serious needs if we can keep credit reserved for the more serious situations. We ask that you consider this when requesting.

Dangerous Roads Policy:
We do not offer credit for days when the powers that be have rendered our roads unsafe for travel to camp and we have to cancel a camp day. In the past 10 years of camp we have had 4 snow/ice cancellation days and over 80 free days of workouts, free events, and socials over the course of the year. Campers should check their email by 5 am on the day of camp to hear about any suspected cancellation decision.

Whew, thanks for reading!  On to register….!
First open this link (it should open in a new window/tab so you can refer back to this page):



  1. LOGIN. IF you are new to the reg site but are an old returnee from a long ways back – under “New to our Site?” enter your first and last name. We have already created a returning camper profile for you in the system – all you have to do is create a password and you will be logged in. IF the system does not recognize you using your first and last name please contact the office as there may be a spelling mistake – please DO NOT create a new account – if you are a returnee camper now there should be a profile for you already in the system.
  2. Go to the Seward Park tab on the top of the screen
  3. Click “Sign Up Now” under your class session date, time and location. Please note you may have to scroll down on the page to find your specific class time.
    • IF you will be purchasing a full time session series (4 days a week) DO NOT change anything – just click ‘Enroll’ (or ‘Enroll as Unpaid’ if you need to wait to complete your payment) and you will be enrolled in all camp days for that session (the ‘Register from this date forward’ option with the correct session start date is already chosen for you).
    • IF you will be purchasing a part time session series pick ‘Choose your own schedule’ and you can click on the days you want to attend class. PART TIMERS: DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!Please note that there is flexibility to change your days in the system if your plans change later or during the session with at least 24 hrs notice (for example if you want to come Thursday one week instead of your usual Wednesday) – to do this you will need to go back to your park tab and enroll in the day that you want first to make sure your day of choice is not full – then go to the MY SCHEDULE TAB and click on the sub heading ‘My Schedule’ to cancel out of a specific class day).
  4. After enrolling in your class days, in the BUY SESSIONS & EVENTS TAB, choose the session series option that you would like and complete payment. You will choose a 12 or 16 days series and complete the payment.