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Put a Bird on it!

Whew what a session!

We had lots of fun in the everyday July sun with all of our dedicated campers in Seward and Volunteer Parks.  Seward Park Trainers Stephanie and Jessica, and Volunteer Park Trainer Michelle started picking up the pace in our workouts and with such wonderful weather we were able to use all areas of the parks without limitations.

Put a bird on it! Trainer Jessica was joined by a sweet juvenile pigeon for the duration of a workout! No it’s not photo-shopped, and yes it was a live bird!

Down at Seward we used the 20 some empty but heavy metal trash cans that littered the amphitheater as spontaneous workout tools that were left by the annual Filipino festival on the weekend.  We played on the trails, the benches, the hills, and made up unique challenges for our workouts.

The most magical thing happened on the second to last day of camp… a pigeon joined Trainer Jessica’s workout standing nearby her and then jumping on her arm as she warmed up.  Jessica let the pigeon stay and in fact it stood on her head for most of the workout.  (Apparently it was a lost juvenile homing pigeon… it meeped so sweetly and luckily an early bird staff person was in the office at the Audubon Society headquarters nearby and we delivered the bird to them.)   To quote one camper: “This was the best Booty Camp entertainment ever.”  Indeed!  To see a video of the action please check out our Facebook page HERE.

On the last day of camp down at Seward Park we challenged our campers to do a 5k route with a hefty hill challenge in the middle for the morning workout.  It was a wonderful feeling to have 3 campers who had never done one before arrive without any expectations and rise to the occasion making it the whole way!  Congrats also go out to Mary R. who, after three camp sessions went from a 15 min mile to an 11 min mile.  It is on these days that we all are re-inspired to continue inspiring and keep on keepin’ on!