Personal and Small Group Training

Southside Booty Camp Trainers are available for sessions with individuals and small groups. This is a great opportunity to get the personal attention you need, recovery from injury or surgery, whether you’re preparing for a big event or trying to overcome obstacles in your workout.

2021 Small Group Training

Mondays & Wednesdays, Seward Park 

4 weeks of classes

10:00-11:00 am class time, up to 7 people per class

$15 per class hour, $120 per session.

NOTE:  The 10am is taking the summer off and will be back in the fall.

To participate in Fall Quarter please contact Jessica using this form and/or  REGISTER NOW HERE.


Personal Training sessions offer schedule and location flexibility and give you a customized workout to help you reach your fitness goals!

Personal Training Rates
1 Session, $75/hour
10 Sessions $600 ($60/hour)

Small Group Training
10 Session Package Minimum
2 Clients, $35 each ($350 per person for 10 Sessions)
3 – 4 Clients, $25 each ($250 per person for 10 Sessions)