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Join us at the Refuse to Abuse 5k

Today’s blog post is different.  Today I want to tell you about an opportunity to get your exercise on while building a safer world for women and girls (psst, that makes things safer for eeeeverybody).

The event is a 5K run around Safeco field Saturday on July 20th in partnership with the Mariners/WSCADV (The Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence) Refuse to Abuse campaign. This run is really fricking cool you guys and here’s why:
  • The Seattle Mariners are the first major league baseball team in the nation to engage professional male baseball players in speaking out against domestic violence.
  • The campaign is SMART they use popular players and speak out including teaching little league coaches how to transer the ethics of the baseball game into an awareness of healthy relationships. Here’s an example of a Refuse to Abuse poster with a popular player on it:
    • “You treat your family at home the same way you treat your family on the field. With Respect.“ Check out more posters here they give me goose bumps.
    • The event is a fundraising run/walk around every level of Safeco Field, from the top to the tunnel to the final lap around the field. Stepping out on the field level of a major league ballpark is an awe-inspiring moment that few have experienced. Race participants from our sold out inaugural event couldn’t stop raving about it.
    • The event is AT NIGHT 7pm so no getting up early on a Saturday morning. Sleeping in and exercise? Weeeeeeeeee.
    • If you want to see a video of the 5K click here, you might even catch a picture of me (you very own Becka Tilsen) from last year making a ridiculous face.

Why do I know so much? I have the great privilege of being on the board of this amazing organization and believe me when I say that this is just the beginning of the aaaamazing things that WSCADV does everyday to end violence. WSCADV is a national leader in forwarding a comprehensive and thoughtful programing.  They are the serve and support all the DV shelters and programs across the state. That’s over 70 member programs.

Soooo!? Do you want to do it?? If you are too excited to even get to the end of this blog Register here.  It would be so fun to have a posse of booty campers there representing camp!  I won’t be running since I have to work the event. But I’ll be there at the finish line with some snacks and enthusiastic cheers for you. I’m also happy to help people connect with each other so if you are registering shoot me an email at  The deadline is 7/19. Register TODAY.

-Contributed by Camper Becka Tilsen