Someone recently said that I was hardcore.

I realized that I had a negative reaction to this.

I have never conceived of my self this way.  I think that reaction came from the feeling that hardcore must mean different, unapproachable, not human somehow, separate from the rest…  And this is something I don’t want to be… as one of my deepest desires and threads in my life journey is community.

I have always ‘just done things’… and those things lead to other things… unfolding, and showing me the next place to go.  I have followed my nose… not a path that said this way to being hardcore.  Our bodies are made to move, and as I get my body back more and more fully from the ravages of a society that does not support it’s awareness, well being and use, I find that I am drawn to certain kinds of fun.  Ones that give me more energy for the rest of my life.  As well as eating and drinking like my life depended on it!

I have noticed that from the outside these practices, activities and ways of being may look scary, edgy, unattainable and sometimes anti-social.  I also notice that happy and healthy can be reactive for many… and yet inspiring for others.  I do hope to inspire and to join with others who want to go for their full selves and bodies too.  This is my passion and path.  Finding out what my body likes to do and can do is part of that path.

Won’t you join me in being “hardcore” ?!

Here is a little song to inspire you:

Hardcore Person by Rob Gee

– Jessica