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Farewell Notes from Trainer Stephanie

Last week the Booty Camp family got together to celebrate an amazing 2.5 years with Trainer Stephanie at Seward Park and bid her farewell.  Stephanie said of her party, “it was amazing, I’ve never had a party thrown for me. I’ve never sat there and just been loved like that.”  In addition to so many words of gratitude and admiration, campers showered Stephanie with several gifts including a lovely painting by Booty Camper Dodi Fredericks (whom you might remember from our blog profile two weeks ago) and a gorgeous farmstead basket from Camp Founder Jessica’s Southside Smallholding.

This week we caught up with Stephanie for a some final thoughts from her as a booty camp trainer…

How did Booty Camp impact your life?

Oh! Well to start I haven’t been sick since I started booty camp!  I haven’t had a cold in 2 ½ years.  Being outdoors that much and that consistently did that.  Getting to know the women in the community. It’s the best thing. It forced me to keep learning. It’s a culmination of different parts of my life.  I used to be a competitive athlete and then a massage therapist and a teacher. And this is the first time I’ve had all three elements combined: athletics, physical care of other people and teaching.  Each of these informs the other. The training has made my massage practice better too. It’s largely made me feel more whole.

How did you come to be a SSBC trainer?

I was looking to expand into personal training and part of my certification was doing an internship. I came on as an intern and stayed as a trainer. I’ve always liked to be outside. I’m not a gym person.

What’s your secret to becoming such a good trainer?

I never stop learning. I’m always reading stuff.  I’m trying things with my own body.  Having been a massage therapist for so long I’m used to the deeper more intimate connection you can have people. I’m able to keep that with a group. I try to get to know each camper as an individual. I still feel challenged every time I make up a workout. I still wonder how it’s going to work. I feel a little nervous and anticipatory when I make up a new workout

What booty exercise do you do on your own?

All of it [laughs] I did a Tabata set on Mt. Rainer the other day!  I run on my own, I would do burpees on my own. One of the things I got from Booty Camp is that I like to get in a good workout and sweat everyday.

What exercise would you never do on your own?

Seriously I will do all the ones people usually hate like mountain climbers, burpees the best part of working out is the cardio part, I like that kind of burning feeling that really get my heart rate up.  I sometimes wimp out at upper body stuff because I spend time doing massage.

What memories sit with you now?

There are so many memories. Accidentally losing someone on roving, all the babies that have born.  All the places we get to go and explore.  The wildlife. We had an eagle fly over us the other day with a fish in its talons. Those moments where the sun is coming up and there’s fog on the water and it’s just breathtaking.

Any last words of wisdom for your campers?

Oh wow, always make time for yourself. Keep exercising. Watch your form, listen to your body, your body is smart and it’s telling you what it needs to do.

Thank you Trainer Stephanie! We have learned so much from you. We’ll miss you greatly, but know you are still a part of our booty camp community!