First Timer Details


2022 Winter Program NOTES:   *** Our winter program will start on January 3 and run thru March 31.  The quarter will run 7 weeks on, then a break week President’s Day week – Feb 21-24, then 5 more weeks on. We will be using a quarter long registration this winter – so we ask everyone to signup for the full quarter (2 day, 3 day, or 4 day options available) to maintain the camp community and build up strength and endurance together without new entry every 4 weeks.  This will also be safer during the darker times. 

Mondays and Wednesdays we will be on zoom during the winter quarter for two mat based workouts – Mon – core focus and Wed – upper body focus respectively.  Campers still do short running intervals outside in their own neighborhood during the zoom program if weather is reasonable.

Tuesdays – our Lower body strength focused day – will be in the park without mats or weights. Thursdays will also be in the park for our special roving workout morning – this is a cardio endurance day that ‘roves’ around the park.  For those who can make it to the park, it will be good to be outside together through the dark times.

This winter there are options for 2 days/week (good for those who can only do zoom or who only want the outdoor park based classes), 3 days/week program or our full 4 days/per week program.  Due to the larger commitment for this program, we are not requiring the first timer entry fee for winter – so purchasing the quarter will cost $64 less than usual.   Please contact us directly for more details or if you have any questions on the winter program and if it is a good fit for you. ***

  • Booty Camp is set up in four-week sessions.
  • We play Monday THRU Thursday mornings for one hour
  • We take a one week break between most sessions, but not always. See our full calendar HERE.
  • Campers who return to Booty Camp for future sessions receive a lower rate for all following sessions.
  • Southside Booty Camp takes place in the beautiful outdoor playgrounds of Seward Park. Specific meet up locations within the parks vary so look for an email for exact details once your sign-up is complete.

Southside, SEWARD PARK CAMP TIMES: 6:00am and 7:30am Mondays thru Thursdays


Your first four-week session costs $15 per camp day and runs for 16 days (working out to be $240 for your first session).

Once you have completed your first full session, our full 4 days per week (16 days) session cost ONLY $11 per camp day OR if you want to attend Booty Camp less than 4 days a week or just have more flexibility sometimes with your scheduling you can also sign up for 3 days per week (or 12 days per session) at $13/day.

Please note that retail sales tax is not included but will be added when your registration is processed.


You will need a yoga type floor mat, a set of 5 lb. weights, a soft handled exercise band (here is an option), and it is recommended to have some running or cross-training type shoes that are good for all terrain. Target or Fred Meyer or Goodwill are good places to look for these items.


If you must cancel your session, you may get a full refund if you cancel by the Friday before your Booty Camp session starts. After that Friday your session is NOT refundable, although you may postpone your camp to another session. After camp starts there are no refunds, but if you must cancel during the session due to serious illness or injury with a doctor’s note you may be eligible to make up your remaining camp days in the next session on a case by case basis.

However, for first time Booty Campers, for their first session only, any 2 Camp days may be made-up or credited towards your next session IF you arrange this before your session starts.



We hope that through participation in Southside Booty Camp each woman will be inspired to take their fitness seriously, honor their bodies, shake their booties and always follow their dreams!

Want to learn more? Read our Why Choose Booty Camp? page.