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Strong Supportive Hands

Booty Camp has a way of attracting the people who, like SSBC are unique and motivated to build something really special.  I sat down with Alicea Cole, our wonderful camp massage sponsor, who has been a participant and contributor within the Booty Camp Community for many years!  Alicea shares more with us here, as well as a special offer to all booty campers!

Every time I spoke with Alicea I was struck by her infectious enthusiasm for her work and how she sees the links between her practice and Booty Camp because they both centered around the same values; holistic nourishment, community and non-competitiveness.  Alicea is loyal, kind to the core and great at what she does!  She brings 16 years experience to her massage practice.  Alicea has been with booty camp since it began in 2008.

Why is Alicea Massage a sponsor? She credits Booty Camp for helping her stay a happier and healthier therapist and person.  Alicea says “Booty camp is part of taking care of myself. Booty camp allows me to be a nurturing giver in the rest of my life.  It keeps me strong physically and mentally, it keeps me feel better about myself.”

Alicea also participated in our video testimonials this spring. If you need any inspiration look no further!

Where’s your Booty Camp Home: Volunteer Park! 7:30am class!

What exercise would you actually do on your own?

“I actually do the clam shells at home, I love them!”

What exercise would you never do on your own?

“Burpees or mountain climbers, I barely do them in camp ha! ”

What’s a favorite Booty Camp moment?

“The first time I walked up the steps of the water tower in Volunteer Park and I could make it the whole way without stopping. That was a good feeling.”

What’s your secret to making it to camp?

“Prepare. Have your clothes ready the night before”

Do the math. Give me two words that make up Booty Camp:

Booty camp = Strength + Commitment

Wishes for fellow campers…

Alicea wanted to note that most of us spend a LOT of our time as women nurturing others.  Alicea challenges all of us to take more action to re-charge ourselves “It’s like re-filling a well” she says.

And what about that super gift I mentioned? Alicea’s generosity is palpable she has a seriously super Booty Camp special for us… any enrolled camper gets $10 off their massage EVERY TIME they come in. Whoa. That’s a booty camp first.

How do I get one of her famous massages?

Call her or write her at… Alicea Cole Massage Therapy, 206-902-7745 or

psst… your insurance might cover massage even though you don’t know it. Alicea is covered under several insurance carriers (including Regence). Call her today to find out!

-Contributed by Booty Camp Blogger Becka Tilsen

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Birth Days of all Shapes and Sizes

Today is a BIRTH DAY.  No it’s not our fearless leader Jessica’s Birthday (although stay tuned for the upcoming Booty Camp 5th year anniversary party!).  Today we are honoring Booty Camp Sponsor and Camper Marge Mansfield and her organization Seattle Home Maternity Service and Childbirth Center.

Located in Columbia City, this is the oldest practice and birth center in the state.  Marge is one of the founders!

Some of you may know Marge as your fellow camper in Stephanie’s 6:15 class.  When she’s not doing her reps with you at camp she is working with women all around Seattle since the late 1970’s to have satisfying and empowering births.

“Brilliant” is what Marge calls Southside Booty Camp’s outdoors exercise experience.  She makes connection between her work and SSBC through empowerment, education and community building.  Marge appreciates how SSBC gives women tools you can use anywhere for their own personal fitness.

“Midwifery care is a different kind of care…it’s client driven” she says.  Marge wants everyone to know the breadth of options available to pregnant women.  For example, did you know?

– Most Midwives offer a free consultation

– With a Midwife you can give birth at home, in a birth center, or in a hospital

– Midwives are covered by essentially all health insurance plans, including Group Health and state Medicaid

Marge reminds us that Seattle is an incredible place for options:  “you deserve to have a care provider who is responsive to your needs and concerns.”  She advises – not to accept a care provider who doesn’t know or can’t tell you:

– her/his c-section rate

– time you can expect her/him at your bedside,

– If she/he is open to having a doula present

What to do if that happens?  Marge says “It’s never too late to change providers.  If you’re not comfortable, fire them!  Look for someone who’s right for you.”

For new parents she stresses a healthy recovery and adjustment time, validating self-care; trust yourself and your ideas of your body’s capacity, “come home to that trust” she reminds pregnant women and new moms.

Want more information for you or a friend? Check-out these resources:

Contributed by Camper Becka Tilsen

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Spinach, Sweet Potatoes and Baby Grace!

This week we are featuring our Booty Camp Sponsor Freggies!!  You might know that Freggies is part of the Booty Camp family in more ways than one because the Freggies Operations Manager and Owner of Seward Park and West Seattle Franchises is the husband of our very own powerhouse Volunteer Park trainer Melissa!

Freggies LogoFreggies is an organic produce doorstep delivery service that offers high quality low cost organic farm-fresh fruits, veggies and specialty foods.  If some of you have been to our Booty Camp outings this year you have seen the size and diversity of their regular family size produce box – it’s quite impressive and the price it right too – just $30-40 per week (see discount end of article for promo code for first order booty camp discount!).  The Booty Camp Blog sat down with Greg and chatted about Freggies and the couple’s new arrival of Baby Grace!

Greg told me without prompt that:

 “I’ve been blown away by the community that surrounds Southside Booty Camp.  I can see the love that Melissa has when she goes and trains.  It’s so much more than a gym.”

Greg reflected that both SSBC and Freggies strive to make a healthy lifestyle accessible to people.  Greg says, Freggies works to make it as easy as possible to get healthy food into your kitchen.

For all the new veggie eaters Greg has a simple idea: if your used to having a salad with iceberg or any other lower nutrient lettuce, make it with spinach instead.  Greg said that spinach is one of the most nutrient dense foods we have, it helps prevent cancer and it makes a huge difference in the health of our blood.


Here’s a simple Superfood Spinach Salad

  • A bed a fresh organic spinach (baby spinach is sweeter)
  • Red onions – sliced thinly
  • Cucumber – sliced
  • Apple – sliced
  • Nuts of your choice (pecans or walnuts are delicious in this salad)
  • Any other veggies of your choice (carrots, peppers, radishes)
  • Dress with a lemon juice and olive oil
  • Optional
    • Add other superfoods like blueberries, almonds, avocado or broccoli for a superfood super treat.
    • Add goat cheese and or smoked salmon for a heartier meal

For the seasoned vegetable eater Greg suggests expanding your diet to eat most veggies in both raw and cooked form.  Spinach for example has some nutrients that your body can absorb in a raw state and some that can be processed once it is cooked.

The new challenge Greg will be tackling soon is homemade organic baby food! As many of you already know Melissa gave birth to their baby Grace Isabella on June 23rd after 36 hours of labor!   Greg and Melissa are thrilled to be new parents and Melissa has already started back at Camp.

Greg’s voice lit up as he described his solo “dad time” when Melissa goes to Booty Camp where he turns off all work and just gets to slow down and focus on Grace.  Even though sleep is hard to come by Greg says that he actually feels “more balanced” with baby Grace.

Greg’s parting gift to us is to show us how easy it is to make baby food and remind us of a special offer available to Southside Booty Campers.

Sweet Potato Baby Food:

  1. Boil a peeled sweet potato
  2. Put in a food processor and process until creamy

    Vol Park Trainer Melissa, Baby Grace, and Hubby/Freggies Owner Greg Madgsick!
  3. Serve it to your baby!  Freeze the extra (it’s good for 6 months)

-Contributed by Camper Extraordinaire Becka Tilsen

Freggies Special for Booty Campers: Get $10 off the first box, by using the promotion code: SSBC$10




Make it Easier with Somanda Bodyworks!

This week we want to tell you about our sponsor SOMANDA BODYWORKS.

Amanda Coleman offers private hands-on healing and therapeutic movement classes.  Her work is called Structural Integration, it is both a gentle and deep hands-on approach.  Her goal is to coax her students into deep fulfilling partnership with their own physical nature by upgrading both hardware: bones, muscles, and organ function; and software: creativity, movement, energy, beliefs and habits.

As you can probably guess from the description Amanda brings a robust holistic perspective to her practice.  Amanda sees the structure of the body as supported by what she calls tensegrity, like a suspension bridge, and she works to strengthen that suspension.  Her work succeeds in spreading out the load to diffuse work throughout the body so that you are more springy, buoyant and quick.

amanda-5-1Moreover, Amanda sees each physical issue as a microcosm of a systematic symptom.  She said that for example, when clients work on balance and make progress on the physical level they often start to see opportunities to attend to balance in their relationships with their self, their partners, their surroundings.

Amanda loves Booty Camp because it’s a space for women to build strength while connecting with nature.

The biggest message Amanda has for us Booty Campers is that “it can all be much easier”.  Amanda explains that we often feel like it’s so hard to work out, move, and engage with our bodies because we are often fighting with ourselves.  Both physically and psychologically we are working at cross-purposes.

Amanda uses her incredible skill at bodywork to attend to the physical and make room for the rest to follow.  She says that contrary to what many of us have learned to believe “moving can feel totally free and light, without big wear and tear on the structure, if things are balanced and calibrated.”

Amanda explains that many us have bodies that habitually recruit a large number of excess muscles when we move. She calls this “bound flow”.   She says that at any age and with any body she can work to take the strain off a system.  What’s the carrot that you get when you do this? Playfulness, she says, just shows up.  Ease and enjoyment are freed up to emerge.

Quite a carrot isn’t it?

Amanda gave the Booty Camper blog a few tips:

  1. Breathe – Direct Don’t Restrict.  Allow the sensation of breath to move throughout your entire body.  Amanda says the number one thing we do to make things harder is that we hold and restrict breath, even while breathing “hard”.  She says we can direct it.  But do not wall it off from parts of our body.
  2. The Starfish – Amanda tells us to imagine our bodies as starfish.  Just like starfish we have 6 limbs.  The head and tailbone in addition to our arms and legs.  Amanda says that a starfish moves because the center moves.  And so do we.

Above all Amanda brings an exuberance and a deeply felt conviction that everyone can live with more ease in their body.  People who work with Amanda come to really love and appreciate their bodies.  To everyone she says with fierce and unabashed hopefulness – “It’s all still there and you can get it back!  It’s all accessible.”

******* As a Booty Camp Partner this year Amanda is offering all campers a FREE 30 MIN CONSULTATION.  To schedule a consultation, get more information visit her site HERE! ******


Introducing a Holistic Health Partner!

Dr. Kris Sasaki’s practice – Functional Health – is one of our amazing Booty Camp sponsors.  Dr. Sasaki is a Chiropractor but Functional Health takes a much larger approach to wellness than just your vertebrae.

Functional Health is a whole team: Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers, Massage Therapists and Naturopaths who all who work together for a holistic approach to the health and fitness of their patients. See below for a personal testimonial about this personalized treatment by Booty Camp owner Jessica Breznau.

We asked Dr. Sasaki to chat with us briefly about why he decided to be a Booty Camp sponsor.

Dr. Sasaki said that many of his patients are in exercise camps and is an enthusiastic supporter of this new trend in exercising in groups that can support each other into a stronger and healthier lifesyle.

We asked him about how to avoid injuries.  He told us that he sees both new and seasoned campers get injured while working out.  He says that for both groups paying attention to FORM it the key to pacing yourself and making sure you don’t get injured.

He further explained that newbies tend to work too hard too fast, he cautions “When you are doing any new exercise sometimes you don’t have the strength to do proper form, you should slow down and don’t be afraid to ask your instructor to watch you form”.

Seasoned campers are likely to get injured around the same issues Dr. Sasaki says.  He explains that we can get stuck in repetitive routines and forget to pay attention to using the right muscles.  Dr. Sasaki says that knee pain and injury is the most common in women he sees because of muscle imbalances in our hips.  So working on the core can really help prevent knee injury!

Dr. Sasaki wants all the campers to know that you get a free 20 minute consultation at Functional Health and that “This is a place where we can take care of you so you can get back to your Booty Camp!”   You can contact Functional Health to set this up and read more reviews at their Yelp page HERE!  or call (206) 726-9595.

He concluded by reminding us about the big picture saying “Easy go, nice and slow…life’s a marathon not a sprint.”

Written By Booty Camper Extraordinaire Becka Tilsen 

Hello there!  It’s Jessica your Booty Camp Founder and I just wanted to put in special personal plug for the incredible healing powers of Dr. Kris Sasaki and Functional Health.  In the beginning of this year I had a herniated disk in my neck, I had two months of debilitating neurological pain down my arm.  As someone who needs my body to be fit for my work I did everything I could think of to figure out what was happening and heal. I saw everybody and was at the end of my rope!  I saw massage, acupuncture, even another chiropractor which had never been on the top of my list.  The first chiropractor was a real “in and out” kind of place.  It didn’t feel good.

Then I was referred to Dr. Sasaki’s Chiropractic and wellness center Functional Health.  And this changed everything!

First of all Dr Sasaki took the time to correctly diagnose my situation and realize that it was a serious condition that needed intensive treatment.  This was an injury that could have resulted in surgery and I am so grateful I found someone who was able to steer me out of it.  Dr. Sasaki’s work on my herniated disc returned function to my shoulder and arm and then through weekly sessions he built back my stability and functioning so that I not only was no longer in pain, but I had my strong booty camp body back!  The one that could wake-up at the crack of dawn and run the trails before the 5/10K event for the campers.

Functional Health is not only a beacon of welcoming but they have a well organized system to take care of you.  They have an assessment person who is also an athletic trainer works with you much like a physical therapist would.  Dr. Sasaki’s energy and enthusiasm is clear and has transformed my opinion of the power of chiropractic.  I highly recommend Functional Health if are considering Chiropractic.



Meet Black Doily

Black Doily creates design for print and web and is one of our Season Sponsors here at Southside Booty Camp.  If you check out their website, they impress one as a youthful, cutting-edge design company, which is all true.  I was lucky enough to grab coffee with Quintella and Rodney Pruitt the other day and was immediately impressed by warmth and sincerity of these fabulous graphic artists who are Black Doily.

You might know that they are responsible for our logo, holiday calendar cards and t-shirts.  Here’s some stuff I bet you didn’t know.  Quinn (a former Seward Park Booty Babe) and Rodney moved here from North Carolina in 2007, each having worked in graphic design and production for over 10 years!  As the demand for their freelance design work increased, they left their day jobs, stepped out and formed Black Doily in January 2010.

Black Doily has built a name serving small and local businesses like Southside Booty Camp.  Not every small business knows what they need to present professionally in the advertising world.  Black Doily wants to help.  They offer design for print and web, search engine optimization, social media integration as well as connecting clients with local print vendors and (my fave!) use earth friendly printing solutions!  They also build websites using modern standards that value and maximize usability and accessibility.

Black Doily is a sponsor for Southside Booty camp because we see it as a dual opportunity to support localism and strengthen women-owned businesses in the region.”

Rodney and Quinella Pruitt

– Quinn and Rodney Pruitt

Black Doily Logo

(206) 455-0110

8560 Greenwood Ave N

PMB 611

Seattle, WA 98103


Tearjerker this morning

grls on the run 1grls on the run 2

Why go to a sappy holiday movie when you can get your cry on at the finish line of the Girls on the Run 5k?!

This morning 155 girls from across the city ran a 5k around Seward Park… finishing their goal after 10 weeks of the fall Girls on the Run program.  This was my first time as part of the coaching crew at John Muir Elementary School and it was a great time playing and getting to know these girls, seeing their struggles and their brilliance.

If you want to be involved they will be looking for coaches (a 10 week commitment) and running buddies (2 day commitment) in the spring again.  Also.. this is a fantastic organization run by some pretty smart women and if not all of your holiday dollars have been spent on other worthy causes.. please donate.

Their website is


Booty Camper and Andaluz Owner Karla Esquivel to host Local event this weekend

Karla and I met at the very first session of Southside Booty Camp… she braved the March weather and despite that came to love camp for the way she says “we are pushed in such a positive non-competitive way… you are able to accept where you are at and then are supported to improve from there”.

The other day, Karla and I sat down in the Seward Park Cafe Vita to discuss her current thoughts on retailing locally in the Columbia City area.  A former journalist, she opened the shop as a sideline to her journalism work in 2005.  During that time it was hard not to take note of the struggling print news industry and she jumped early from that sinking ship to become full time lifestyle shopkeeper.

Her sweet little shop is packed with an incredible array of items to suit many tastes and budgets.  Local jewelry craftspeople sell their wares at her shop, her clothing lines are chosen carefully, and the rest of the store features gifts, toys and unique household items that fall into Karla’s eclectic and funky style she describes as “Urban Outfitters on acid”.  (Craftspeople take note.. Karla says she is always looking for new local designers that fit into her shop aesthetic!)

This First Saturday, the 5th she is has a 10% off offer for shopping local and Sunday, the 6th, she hosts the now annual Columbia City Sip and Shop in partnership with Verve.  From 2-7pm you can try wines at Verve and browse a selection of items brought over to the wine cafe by Karla, as well as local designers, including Nikki Jacobi Jewelry, Cyn City neighborhood map pendants, and Jenna Rose one-of-a-kind jackets and hats.

Karla has undoubtably been affected by the struggling retail economy, particularly as a single mom.  She says how important it is to keep our holiday dollars local, so that our neighborhoods can continue to grow and thrive.  So shop Southside ya’ll!  See you on the streets of C City this December!

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Rainier Chamber of Commerce Auction success!

Southside Booty Camp participated in ‘our’ first auction ever on Saturday night! The Booty Camp session I donated went for $550 in the live auction to 37th District State Representative Eric Pettigrew’s wife, Jada, who hopes to participate soon! Thanks to the Pettigrews for being huge supporters of the Rainier Valley and all the others that contributed at the event in support of the Chamber and its scholarship programs. Special kudos go to Booty Camper Susan Davis, the Executive Director of the Rainier Chamber of Commerce and master organizer of the auction!