Time to Stand Up!

Are you sitting down for this?  The hazards of sitting all day and what to do about it. Most of us can attest personally that a full day of sitting in a desk chair does not feel good on our body.  Science is chiming in but also giving us some unexpectedly simple strategies. In her… Continue reading Time to Stand Up!

Getting More Shut Eye

So you fabulous women….. I want to put in a plug for SLEEP to help keep you fabulous! I received this info from the Dr. (sports and preventative medicine) who coaches my son’s cross country team who constantly pleads with the boys to get 9+ hours of sleep to get maximal response to their training… Continue reading Getting More Shut Eye

Choosing to Kegel

Kegels! There’s been a lot of talk for the last few decades about Kegels and still many of us can’t seem to find the time and discipline to do them.  Well read on because this could be the day that it all changes! What are you talking about? For those unfamiliar, Kegel exercises refer to… Continue reading Choosing to Kegel

Recipe for Recovery

As you start to work the body in all new ways we also need to assist the body recover.  It is our bodies ability to adapt to change which indicates our fitness level.  As we make strides in our fitness we should become experts at providing the best environment possible for adaptations to take place… Continue reading Recipe for Recovery


Someone recently said that I was hardcore. I realized that I had a negative reaction to this. I have never conceived of my self this way.  I think that reaction came from the feeling that hardcore must mean different, unapproachable, not human somehow, separate from the rest…  And this is something I don’t want to… Continue reading Hardcore?

Warning Signs of Health

–  An increased awareness and appreciation of yourself. –  A chronic appetite for physical activity and healthful food –  Acute and chronic attacks of laughter –  A compulsion to take pleasure and fun –  Repeated bouts of hope and optimism –  Recurrent rejection of worry –  A chronic condition of caring for your body. – … Continue reading Warning Signs of Health