Strong Supportive Hands

Booty Camp has a way of attracting the people who, like SSBC are unique and motivated to build something really special.  I sat down with Alicea Cole, our wonderful camp massage sponsor, who has been a participant and contributor within the Booty Camp Community for many years!  Alicea shares more with us here, as well… Continue reading Strong Supportive Hands

A Renaissance Woman in our Midst!

Today’s camper profile started with the search for the chef who brought the unbelievable Warm Yam Salad to Theresa’s going-away party.  Really it was out of this world.  Once we sleuthed her out we discovered that it was none other than the Booty Camp veteran Dodi Fredericks…. who has been gracing our camp party tables… Continue reading A Renaissance Woman in our Midst!

Put a Bird on it!

Whew what a session! We had lots of fun in the everyday July sun with all of our dedicated campers in Seward and Volunteer Parks.  Seward Park Trainers Stephanie and Jessica, and Volunteer Park Trainer Michelle started picking up the pace in our workouts and with such wonderful weather we were able to use all… Continue reading Put a Bird on it!

A Bright Light at Camp

You only have to meet Jenn Seva once to know what a total and complete badass she is.  I met her at the most recent SSBC run the moment she completed her FIRST 10K.  She didn’t know me from Adam (or Steve) but she immediately told me to give her a double high-five. And of… Continue reading A Bright Light at Camp

Working it out with Camper Lisa!

Today we are featuring the incomparable Lisa Beaulaurier in our who’s who camper profiles.  “Because a day without floor sliders is a day without sunshine.”  That’s probably my favorite quote from Lisa B. If you’ve been at camp with her for 10 sessions or 10 minutes you know what I’m talking about.  Smart, hilarious and… Continue reading Working it out with Camper Lisa!