Yoga Fridays

Join our Yoga Fridays program to balance out your booty camp week.

YOGA FRIDAYS is back in the parks!

This is a community wide offering open to everyone, men and women, and young adults  regardless of current attendance in camp.

SEWARD PARK Amphitheater,

 7:00am – 8:00am Class Time,

3 Summer Sessions 4 Fridays each:

June 5 – June 26

July 11 – July 31

August 10 – Sept 4


Taught by Laura Humpf of Rainier Beach Yoga.  Class meets at the Seward Park amphitheater.  In case of rain we meet at the first shelter on the right on the upper loop drive.

We have 3 payment options:

Full Summer, 3 4-week Sessions  – $10 per class

Single Session (4 Classes) – $12 per class

Drop-In – $14 per class