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5th Anniversary Holiday Party!


Southside Booty Camp celebrated our 5th Anniversary in style this holiday season!

Thanks so much to all who attended and made it special.  Highlights were the mid dance party plank contest.  Camper Kathleen Skeels (the champion) and Laura Shoemaker each won a week of camp each, with both coming in at over 7 minutes 30 seconds!  So you all can expect some longer plank holds during camp now!  The table was set with amazing food from so many excellent kitchens.  Randi Rascal gave us the sweetest burlesque act which involved clothes being shed in the effort of trying to fit into a box… And Camper Xena Harris performed and showed us how to get our Bollywood on as we all took the dance floor.  We celebrated 5 years of sweating together and plan on many more to come.  Extra special was Jessica getting to present “I’m a Booty Babe’ onsies to FIVE campers who will all give birth to new booty babes early this year!  Congrats all around!

Many thanks to Cheri Pearl Photography, Waid’s Haitian Lounge, Mean Girls Massage, Dahlia Spa, Freggies, and Communichi Acupunture.