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Strong Supportive Hands

Booty Camp has a way of attracting the people who, like SSBC are unique and motivated to build something really special.  I sat down with Alicea Cole, our wonderful camp massage sponsor, who has been a participant and contributor within the Booty Camp Community for many years!  Alicea shares more with us here, as well as a special offer to all booty campers!

Every time I spoke with Alicea I was struck by her infectious enthusiasm for her work and how she sees the links between her practice and Booty Camp because they both centered around the same values; holistic nourishment, community and non-competitiveness.  Alicea is loyal, kind to the core and great at what she does!  She brings 16 years experience to her massage practice.  Alicea has been with booty camp since it began in 2008.

Why is Alicea Massage a sponsor? She credits Booty Camp for helping her stay a happier and healthier therapist and person.  Alicea says “Booty camp is part of taking care of myself. Booty camp allows me to be a nurturing giver in the rest of my life.  It keeps me strong physically and mentally, it keeps me feel better about myself.”

Alicea also participated in our video testimonials this spring. If you need any inspiration look no further!

Where’s your Booty Camp Home: Volunteer Park! 7:30am class!

What exercise would you actually do on your own?

“I actually do the clam shells at home, I love them!”

What exercise would you never do on your own?

“Burpees or mountain climbers, I barely do them in camp ha! ”

What’s a favorite Booty Camp moment?

“The first time I walked up the steps of the water tower in Volunteer Park and I could make it the whole way without stopping. That was a good feeling.”

What’s your secret to making it to camp?

“Prepare. Have your clothes ready the night before”

Do the math. Give me two words that make up Booty Camp:

Booty camp = Strength + Commitment

Wishes for fellow campers…

Alicea wanted to note that most of us spend a LOT of our time as women nurturing others.  Alicea challenges all of us to take more action to re-charge ourselves “It’s like re-filling a well” she says.

And what about that super gift I mentioned? Alicea’s generosity is palpable she has a seriously super Booty Camp special for us… any enrolled camper gets $10 off their massage EVERY TIME they come in. Whoa. That’s a booty camp first.

How do I get one of her famous massages?

Call her or write her at… Alicea Cole Massage Therapy, 206-902-7745 or

psst… your insurance might cover massage even though you don’t know it. Alicea is covered under several insurance carriers (including Regence). Call her today to find out!

-Contributed by Booty Camp Blogger Becka Tilsen