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A Bright Light at Camp

You only have to meet Jenn Seva once to know what a total and complete badass she is.  I met her at the most recent SSBC run the moment she completed her FIRST 10K.  She didn’t know me from Adam (or Steve) but she immediately told me to give her a double high-five. And of course, I complied.  I have a feeling that Jenn is the kind of person who could get a double high-five out of just about anyone in the world.  Connecting, commanding, bright, present. That is Jenn Seva.

Jenn calls herself a loyal on-and-off booty camper since SSBC began (that 5 years – whoa!).  She lives in Columbia City and works in Business Development for Geocaching.  If you are one of the few who haven’t heard Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunt where players try to locate hidden containers using a smartphone or a GPS device. Geocaching’s mission to inspire outdoor play.  Sound familiar?  Intrigued?  I was.  Look below for Jenn’s friendly challenge for you.

But FIRST The Booty Profile:

  1. Which camp is home to you? “Stephanie’s 6:15!”
  2. Booty Camp = ”Strong Women. Like you!”
  3. Camp exercise I would actually do on my own? ”Push-ups on the dock.”
  4. Favorite Booty Camp Memory? ”When the eagle visits us in the morning.”
  5. 5.     Camp exercise I would never do on my own?  ”Tabata” (high intensity cardio interval training, for example: 20 seconds of high cardio with 10 second rest…blech!)
  6. What’s your secret for ensuring that you make it to camp?  “I commit the night before. I say I AM going. I remember that when I don’t go I really regret it.”
  7. One way Booty Camp positively impacts your life? “There are a lot of ways. This is the only ‘gym’ that has ever worked for me. And that’s because it’s not a gym, it’s outdoors.  A 10K would have been impossible without booty camp.”
  8. Favorite Jam to listen to while driving to camp?  “NPR. At the 10K I had This American Life podcast playing. It kept me company.”
  9. How did you feel after you ran that 10K? “Pumped and pleased. It was an inspiring location. I thought ‘My God! We can run a 10K in our neighborhood that shows us The Olympics, the Cascades, Mt. Rainer! Amazing. Nicely chosen route! I look forward to the next one!”

10. Little fun fact about Jenn: “I have found almost 1000 geocaches.”

A Challenge For You From Jenn

Go out and find the geocache nearest to your house.  As of this posting there are  2,085,461 in the world, one of them is sure to be near your house. Go here: and find out!

-Contributed by Becka Tilsen