Weekend Workout with Trainer Theresa

Here is a full body workout that you can take anywhere and its low- impact unless you decide to add high impact cardio.  It doesn’t take much room, only requires a mat (or the carpet of your hotel room) and you can do it inside or out.  I know several of you are heading out on vacations or you just want a workout when it’s too rainy to go out but you need your endorphins.

You’re going to alternate between two exercises A & B, doing each one 10x before switching and you’ll keep going for 4 minutes.  After each 4 minute set you’ll add a cardio piece.  If you need to stay put then do the cardio exercise listed for 60 seconds but if you’re outside or want more then change it up and run to the end of your block and back, steep driveway and back, you pick.  Remember if you’re walking to swing the arms and use your core to pull the arms back down.

Always begin with about a ten minute warm-up including some dynamic/active moves to warm-up the whole body.  (standing toe-touches with opposite finger tips, jumping jacks, torso twists with knee lifts, etc).

Set 1

Exercise A:  Slow Burpee, no jumping here- reach overhead, drop hands to ground, step each leg out to plank,, step back in and stand. Repeat.

Exercise B: Squat with lateral raise, wide stance squat, arms coming up from sides to overhead as you drop down into your squat, release arms back to sides as you stand, squeeze glutes to finish.  Focus on nice long line from tailbone to fingertips as you extend arms overhead in your squat.

Cardio: jumping jacks (can make these low impact but stay low in the single leg squat, no head bobbing as you transfer from leg to leg!

Exercise A:  Hi-Lo extension, standing, lift right knee high, extend leg out (try to pause in this hold) then lower leg to standing.  Alternate legs.  Try not to lean back as you lift the leg out front.

Exercise B:  Slow Mountain Climbers, from plank, bring right foot up near right hand and touch the ground as close to hand as possible, extend back to plank and repeat with opposite foot.  Focus on keeping hips low and really getting the foot as close to your hands as possible.

Cardio:  Tick Tocks.  As though you are on the face of a clock swing arms to the right as you lift left leg out to the side.  Repeat opposite side.

Exercise A:  Side Plank with Leg Lift, forearm side plank  from either lower knee or stacked feet, with toe pointed- lower/lift top leg without touching the ground.  Strong engaged core, upper hand reaching to sky.

Exercise B:  Opposite side

Cardio:  Steam Engines, standing with fingertips behind hears, touch opposite elbow to knee, alternating sides.

Exercise A:  Plank With extension, from plank extend right arm forward, replace hand on ground and reach left arm forward.  Can spread legs apart for wider stance and balance.  Remember to keep hips flat so if a plate was balanced on the back of your hips it would not slip off.

Exercise B:  Leg lifts resting on your forearms/elbows, leaning back resting on your elbows/forearms, fingertips touching your ‘cheeks’, lower/lift both legs without touching the ground, higher/lower you go- the more challenging.

Cardio:  frontal kicks with step back to lunge, kick right foot forward then step right foot back to standing as you lunge back with left leg and touch the ground with fingertips.  Keep repeating right foot for 30 seconds then switch to left leg.

Finish with some stretching, twist might feel good and some slow cobra with your breath as your interval.

Contributed by Trainer Theresa

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