Push it up!

Push it; push it real good! 

Is getting fit harder and slower than it needs to be?

This is something that a lot of us do.  When we are new to a type of exercise and we don’t pay attention to proper form, we can actually make getting in shape a LOT harder than it needs to be.

We are going to take on one exercise today: The PUSH-UP.

The push-up can be a dreaded part of class for the newbie, but it doesn’t have to be!  These rules apply whether you are doing push-ups on the ground, from knees, on a bench, table or desk, or even the wall.  I encourage you to get up and try this right now so that you can get the information into your muscle memory.  Try it out!


1. Shoulders LOW AND WIDE

You want your shoulders over your wrists or slightly forward, NOT behind your wrists.  If your shoulders are behind your wrists when you lower down to the mat it’s impossible to not hunch your shoulders up around your ears.  This causes strain through your neck and upper back.  Yuck!

If you keep your shoulders over your wrists they remain stacked and therefore low and wide, and when you descend your scapula (shoulder blades), pull together.  Your mantra – shoulders low and wide!

2. Elbows HUG your ribs!

In the basic push-up form elbows should skim the side of your body as you lower down.  Push up until your elbows are straight but NOT locked.

3. BREATH in rhythm with your push-up

Draw your breath in as you lower.  Exhale as you push-up. Exhaling at this point allows you to put power behind your push from your shoulders and chest and core. This small change will make your push-ups more productive and will make them FEEL easier.

4.  Head in line with the spine.  Do not reach your forehead towards the ground separately from the rest of your spine.

You got that?  Okay then…

Enough talk. Try it!  Right now.  Really.  If you don’t feel better after 5 quality push-ups then write me an email and I’ll drop and give you 20!


Contributed by Becka Tilsen

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