Introducing a Holistic Health Partner!

Dr. Kris Sasaki’s practice – Functional Health – is one of our amazing Booty Camp sponsors.  Dr. Sasaki is a Chiropractor but Functional Health takes a much larger approach to wellness than just your vertebrae.

Functional Health is a whole team: Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers, Massage Therapists and Naturopaths who all who work together for a holistic approach to the health and fitness of their patients. See below for a personal testimonial about this personalized treatment by Booty Camp owner Jessica Breznau.

We asked Dr. Sasaki to chat with us briefly about why he decided to be a Booty Camp sponsor.

Dr. Sasaki said that many of his patients are in exercise camps and is an enthusiastic supporter of this new trend in exercising in groups that can support each other into a stronger and healthier lifesyle.

We asked him about how to avoid injuries.  He told us that he sees both new and seasoned campers get injured while working out.  He says that for both groups paying attention to FORM it the key to pacing yourself and making sure you don’t get injured.

He further explained that newbies tend to work too hard too fast, he cautions “When you are doing any new exercise sometimes you don’t have the strength to do proper form, you should slow down and don’t be afraid to ask your instructor to watch you form”.

Seasoned campers are likely to get injured around the same issues Dr. Sasaki says.  He explains that we can get stuck in repetitive routines and forget to pay attention to using the right muscles.  Dr. Sasaki says that knee pain and injury is the most common in women he sees because of muscle imbalances in our hips.  So working on the core can really help prevent knee injury!

Dr. Sasaki wants all the campers to know that you get a free 20 minute consultation at Functional Health and that “This is a place where we can take care of you so you can get back to your Booty Camp!”   You can contact Functional Health to set this up and read more reviews at their Yelp page HERE!  or call (206) 726-9595.

He concluded by reminding us about the big picture saying “Easy go, nice and slow…life’s a marathon not a sprint.”

Written By Booty Camper Extraordinaire Becka Tilsen 

Hello there!  It’s Jessica your Booty Camp Founder and I just wanted to put in special personal plug for the incredible healing powers of Dr. Kris Sasaki and Functional Health.  In the beginning of this year I had a herniated disk in my neck, I had two months of debilitating neurological pain down my arm.  As someone who needs my body to be fit for my work I did everything I could think of to figure out what was happening and heal. I saw everybody and was at the end of my rope!  I saw massage, acupuncture, even another chiropractor which had never been on the top of my list.  The first chiropractor was a real “in and out” kind of place.  It didn’t feel good.

Then I was referred to Dr. Sasaki’s Chiropractic and wellness center Functional Health.  And this changed everything!

First of all Dr Sasaki took the time to correctly diagnose my situation and realize that it was a serious condition that needed intensive treatment.  This was an injury that could have resulted in surgery and I am so grateful I found someone who was able to steer me out of it.  Dr. Sasaki’s work on my herniated disc returned function to my shoulder and arm and then through weekly sessions he built back my stability and functioning so that I not only was no longer in pain, but I had my strong booty camp body back!  The one that could wake-up at the crack of dawn and run the trails before the 5/10K event for the campers.

Functional Health is not only a beacon of welcoming but they have a well organized system to take care of you.  They have an assessment person who is also an athletic trainer works with you much like a physical therapist would.  Dr. Sasaki’s energy and enthusiasm is clear and has transformed my opinion of the power of chiropractic.  I highly recommend Functional Health if are considering Chiropractic.


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